Krav Maga

Are you tired of spending hours on a treadmill? Kick your fitness routine into high gear and and learn the same self defense techniques that the Israeli Special Forces use every day! What are you waiting for?

Kids Martial Arts

Does your child lack self control or focus? Having a hard time getting them interested in anything but video games? Find out why everyone is raving about our Norman Martial Arts classes for kids!

Birthday Parties

Having a party? Book one of our exclusive party packages and we'll make your child will be the star as they stand in front of the class and lead their friends through the move! We'll even cut the cake with a real samurai sword!

Victory Martial Arts in Norman, OK was founded in November of 2002 by Steve and Tara Swinford.  Since that time Victory has become one of the nation's most successful schools.  Victory has reached this level of excellence by providing the most modern and effective self defense techniques in the world.  Life skills such as Focus, Confidence, Self Discipline, Self Control, Respect, and Perseverance are instilled in our students from the first class.  We believe that life skills are just as important as physical skills.

We are a Black Belt School!!!  This means our goal is for every to student to become a Black Belt.  We do not believe that you are awarded a Black Belt or earn a Black Belt.  We believe that you become a Black Belt by developing the skills that are necessary to be successful in life.

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Victory Martial Arts • 3525 Wellsite Dr. #101, Norman, OK • (405)447-3005

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