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Learn from someone who has experience fighting real bad guys.

Are You Ready To learn Real Self Defense Skills?

My name’s Steve Swinford, and I’m the Master Instructor at Victory Martial Arts in Norman, Oklahoma. I am also the owner and founder of Self Protection TV. I’ve taught thousands of people the secrets of the Israeli Army, and I can teach you too!  Tell me if any of these ring a bell for you:

1. You’re ready to be a lean, mean fighting machine.  You know the world is not getting any safer. You need to learn self defense Now!

2. You’re ready to Get in Shape, while learning tried and true self defense techniques.

3. You’re ready NOW! This is about changing your whole mindset! You are ready to learn the the most realistic self defense techniques in the world?

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krav maga norman oklahoma


Krav Maga Norman Oklahoma



Skeptical? Check out what our REAL students have to say!

Want More? Here are even more amazing benefits that residents of Norman, Oklahoma are gaining from our Krav Maga program.

  Start feeling confident at your ability to defend yourself and your family! After a few classes your confidence will skyrocket!  As a result, you’ll feel happier and more secure. You will have peace of mind knowing you are developing the skills needed to survive an attack – it’s something I’m lucky enough to witness every day!   After just a few weeks in our program, many people find they have have more balance and coordination!      

What is it about Krav Maga that makes it such a powerful form of self-defense that also burns fat fast?



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