Kids Martial Arts

At Victory Martial Arts in Norman, Oklahoma, we’re not interested in giving your kids “something to do” after school.

We’re only interested in giving them the tools they’ll need for life-long success!








Focus is one of the foundations of success.  After just a few weeks your child’s focus will increase, helping them get better grades at school, listen to what you say and increase success in all areas of their lives!


Does your child lack discipline? After just a few weeks in our program, they will start doing what they know they need to do without being told, a win-win for both you AND them!


Things get a little crazy sometimes? We help your child learn to control their words and actions with their minds.


Giving your child the gift of confidence is the best thing you can ever do for them.  We’ll give them the confidence they deserve and they’ll have fun doing it.


Is your child starting to develop a bit of an attitude problem? Don’t worry! This is pretty common, but in Martial Arts, they will learn to respect themselves and others.


One of main reasons a child is targeted for bullying is lack of self-esteem.  Our program will help develop your child’s self-esteem by giving them victories every day in class.  A student will start to see success early, which increases both self-esteem and confidence.


Check out what our parents are saying!

testimonialgirl2“My daughter is only in second grade and is already a confident leader…”

My daughter has been at Victory Martial Arts for three years and she loves it! She is only in the second grade and has already learned to be a leader at Victory. The kids get incredible training to receive their black belts, but Victory also teaches them what being a Black Belt really means. I love how they emphasize confidence in yourself, respect and helping others. The kids at this school are the best. They really are nice to each other and are supportive of each other.

 Plus, she has learned to defend herself in a stranger danger situation and been given the confidence to do so. I always recommend Victory to my friends.

– Vicki H.


testimonialboy1“The growth in my son has just been amazing…”

My son has been a student at Victory Martial Arts for over 3 years, and is preparing for his black belt test. At this point we have attended hundreds of classes, more than a dozen graduation ceremonies, several summer camps and several black belt tests for both children and adults. I have extensive experience watching his classes and interacting with all the Victory staff. I constantly recommend the school to parents of friends in our neighborhood, at his school and cub scout pack. Students at Victory are treated with respect, taught to show respect, and receive martial arts training crafted perfectly for children.

The growth I have witnessed in my son’s character and physical abilities, and those of other students at the school, is truly remarkable. We are treated like family at the school. We trust our son to the care of the staff completely, and could not give a stronger recommendation.

– Vicki H.


“Even the teachers are noticing…”

Master Swinford – thank you for all your help and dedication to the children of the community. It sure shows with our daughter’s improvement, below you will find a note from her teacher!!

– Greg V.

I just wanted to let you know how incredibly great Harley has been in class and outside of class. She is working so hard and everywhere we go outside of …the classroom she has been setting a great example for others. I am so proud of her!!!

– Melissa W. – 4th Grade Teacher

testimonialboy2“Finally, a sport that’s about more than just winning at all costs…”

My sons have been students with Victory Martial Arts in Norman for 4 years. Victory has always been a positive experience for both my sons and our family. The focus of the school is not only the physical aspect and moving up through the belt ranks, but a character building experience as well.

We tried multiple different sports before we came to Victory with always the same result. Parents were screaming at the officials, coaches were screaming at the kids and the kids were programmed to win, regardless of the method. That type of mentality is not tolerated at Victory, ever. The kids are mentored to be the best that they can be, the instructors are amazing men who truly care about their students.

– Becky C.


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