Is Getting to Black Belt a Big Deal?

Black Belts are NOT What They Used to BE!

Your thought life has a significant impact on your real life. We have been conditioned to think a certain way. The way we were raised has an impact on are thought life. We were conditioned to believe certain things. Our experiences have an impact on our thought life. Many people struggle with negativity thoughts, and these negative thoughts are reinforced on a daily basis through our experiences. You must get control of negative thoughts. You must replace with them with empowering thoughts, but what does this have to do with martial arts? Nothing at most martial arts schools!

It has everything to do with Victory Martial Arts in Norman, OK. Let me explain. A black belt in any marital art used to mean something. Over time the mystic of the black belt has diminished. It was once thought that a black belt could do anything. They were feared, and no one wanted to mess with a black belt. Not so much anymore. Why? What happened?

We have seen a significant decline in the ability of many black belts, but why? Most of this is based on confidence. Black belts today are not as confident as the black belts of 20-30 years ago. Getting a black belt is easier than it has ever been in most schools.

Becoming a Black Belt is Different Than Earning One!

I have had many students that “earned” a black belt from another school come to me for self-defense skills. WHAT? How is this even possible? All martial arts schools are not the same. The problem is the word “earn”.

I do not believe that you earn a black belt. I do not believe that you achieve a black belt, and I do not believe that you pass a test and get a black belt. I believe that you become a black belt. You become a black belt by developing focus, self-control, self-discipline, confidence, perseverance, respect, and much more.

Focus – Blocking out distracting and concentrating.

Self-Control – controlling your words and your actions with your mind.

Self-Discipline – doing what you are suppose to do without being told.

Confidence – Believing that you can achieve great things.

Perseverance – Never giving up even in the face of insurmountable odds. Life will hit you in face.

Respect – Treating others the way you want to be treated.

Becoming a black belt is different that getting a black belt. Victory Martial Arts has a high standard for becoming a black belt. Sure, there is test. There is physical standard that a student must meet, but the mental standard is the secret sauce.

I ran into a parent of two former students yesterday. She was excited to see me. She talked about her boys. How they had become achievers. They both overcame great adversity. Every time there was a challenge they used the skills they learned at Victory Martial Arts to overcome the obstacles and achieve great success. She said “I tell everyone, Victory Martial Arts get all the credit”. There is no question that they can defend themselves. Self defense is a necessary skill set in today’s society. You might get attacked one day. You need to be ready. Self-defense, although important, is not the only thing skill you develop at Victory Martial Arts.

Why Leave Life Skills to Chance?

Life skills have a direct impact on your success. The more confident you are the more likely you will be successful. Victory Martial Arts builds confidence in a unique way. The curriculum at Victory Martial Arts was developed by Grandmaster Swinford. He is a certified life coach and sports psychology coach. This is an important factor in how the students develop life skills.  Many martial arts schools have a mat chat that is scripted and is distributed to the group as a whole. Victory Martial Arts has something similar, but addresses life skills on an individual basis as well.

Grandmaster Swinford has integrated his life coaching and sports psychology coaching techniques into the life skills curriculum. 80% of what we do is mental. If we can take control of our emotions, we can take control of our lives. This is easier said than done. But, Why? Most people leave the mental game to chance. We must train our minds just like we train our bodies. We must believe in ourselves in order to achieve success.

Each person is unique in talent and skills. Some people need to work harder than others to achieve the same the physical standard. The mind is no different. Some of us will need to work harder to control our thoughts. Remember, our thoughts, determine our focus. Our focus determines our emotions, and our emotions determine are actions. ACTIONS determine our RESULTS.

We Change Lives Better and Faster Than Anyone Else!!!

Imagine learning self-defense, and getting the skills you need to be successful in life at the same time. Everyone has a life coach, and you might not even know it. Every role model is impacting you or your child’s life. Why leave life skills to chance. Why have a role model, a mentor, a coach that might say the right thing at the right time? Victory Martial Arts does not leave life skills to chance. Victory Martial Arts is one of the most successful schools in the country, because we change lives faster and better than anyone else.

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Grandmaster Steven Swinford is a Certified Sports Psychology Coach, Life Coach, Speed/Agility/Quickness Coach, and Personal Fitness Trainer.

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