Why is Victory Martial Arts training one of the best activities for developing mental and physical skills in children?

Training at Victory Martial Arts is unlike any other activity. Team sports are can be great, if the coach has an understanding of the mental game. Many youth coaches might have great intentions, but they can destroy a child’s confidence.

Victory Martial arts teaches a child to compete with themselves. The goal is to get a little better each day. Competition with other kids is great (we do that), but if a child is too concerned about making the team or making a mistake it causes the team to lose focus on what really matters, getting better.

As a Sports Psychology Coach,  I have worked with kids that play a wide variety of sports, and they all have the same challenge, THE MENTAL GAME. Kids and adults are too worried about what might go wrong. Too much going on their your head. Let’s look at baseball.  A player hits great in practice, but not in a game.

In a game, anxiety sets in and the player is thinking about not failing. A player goes to the plate thinking, “Don’t miss it”, “Don’t strike out” or “I don’t want to get hit with a pitch”. We get what we focus on. If you are thinking about failing, you will fail.  The pitcher winds up and throws a fast ball. Here is comes, DON”T MISS IT, DON”T MISS IT… Swing and a MISS.  Coach yells “What are swinging at? That was above your head?” Now, the batter has even more anxiety and strikes out.

Kids and adults have some of these thoughts at Victory Martial Arts, but we control the stress. We can help the student channel the anxiety. We don’t want the student to calm down, we want them to channel the anxiety into excitement. Anxiety can and will wreck performance.

Benefits of Victory Martial Arts training:

Life Skills

Increases focus for better performance. (Mental Game)

Increases self-control – controlling your words and actions with your mind. (Mental Game)

Increases self-discipline – doing what you are supposed to do without being told (Mental Game)

Increases Confidence / Self-esteem – confidence is a critical factor in life. We must believe we can succeed. Lack of confidence is number one reason a child is the victim of bullying. (Mental Game)

Training at Victory Martial Arts helps students learn to overcome challenges in a positive and proven way.

Physical Skills:

Grandmaster Swinford is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Speed / Agility / Quickness Coach, and Sports Nutrition Coach. All of his experience and education has been used to create the most modern physical performance training possible.

Increases cardiovascular endurance

Increases flexibility

Increases muscle endurance

Increases foot speed

Increases hand eye coordination

Increases explosiveness

Increases quickness

Increases response time

Increase agility

Why is Victory Martial Arts training one of the best activities for developing mental and physical skills in children and adults? Because we develop mental and physical skills faster and better than anyone else, plus you gain the ability to defend yourself.

What is more important, mental or physical conditioning? They are both very important, and Victory Martial Arts covers it all.

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