Developing Speed, Agility, and Quickness at Victory Martial Arts


Martial arts training was once thought to be a great way to increase flexibility as well, as speed / agility / quickness. Martial arts training was the secret sauce in the 70’s and 80’s. Martial art students were quicker, stronger, more agile and could fight.

Remember the whispers in the hall, “he knows karate”? Martial arts training is not revered like it was 30 years ago, but why?

Martial arts instructors have not stayed current on the most modern and effective physical conditioning techniques available. Standing in a horse stance throwing punches was awesome in the 80”s, also painful. It built muscle endurance and perseverance, but modern exercises are better and a lot more fun. Many martial art schools teach old school martial art systems. These systems were great 30-40 years, but have no relevance today.

I have spent years studying the most effective training methods, as a result, I am a certified personal fitness trainer, speed /agility / quickness coach, and sports nutrition coach. I have used this education to build one of the most modern physical conditioning programs available for kids.

Victory Martial Arts  has an elite level physical conditioning program that is incorporated into martial arts training. You get the best of the both worlds, peak performance conditioning and the ability to defend yourself.

Although this article is about physical conditioning, Victory Martial Arts also trains the mind. Life kills are critical and Victory Martial Arts has mastered life skills training. Victory Martial Arts training is one of the best activities for kids.

We use agility ladders, hurdles, jumps, and many other tools that help our students reach their full physical potential. We do not leave physical conditioning to chance. Victory Martial Arts is intentional in how we develop a child’s physical ability.

Youth Performance training centers are popping up all over the country. I love it. Kids need the most modern training available. When looking for youth performance training center, make sure you check the instructor’s education and experience. Many of these centers are operated by former college athletes that jumped on the youth performance craze. There is a huge difference between being an athlete and being an athletic trainer.

Athletes know what to do, but athletic trainers know why to do it.

In order to build a training program, especially a youth performance training program, you must know why and how to perform certain exercises. The instructor needs to how exercises fit together.

Martial arts instructors are not keeping up with modern training philosophies. If done correctly, a martial arts school can achieve greater success than a youth performance training center. Don’t get me wrong, some youth training centers are great. Martial art training centers, like Victory Martial Arts, incorporate some of the most advanced training methods available. This training will increase the student’s overall performance.

Martial arts training should not only increase the student’s athletic ability, it should increase the student’s emotion intelligence (life skills), and give the student the ability to defend themselves.

Finding a martial arts school that can increase a child’s athletic ability, develop life skills, and teach them modern self defense can be difficult. If you find one, don’t wait, get started immediately. It will be one of the best investments you will ever make for your child.

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Grandmaster Steven Swinford is a certified personal fitness trainer, speed/agility/quickness coach,

sports nutrition coach, life coach and sports psychology coach . He is the owner and Grandmaster

of Victory Martial Arts. He started his marital arts training in 1982. Victory Martial Arts serves the

Moore, Norman, and South OKC areas.